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Die Krone Aragon (spanisch Corona de Aragón, katalanisch Corona d’Aragó) war ein historisches Staatsgebilde, das von 1137 bis zum Ende des Mittelalters bestand und sich im Laufe der Zeit von den ursprünglichen Kerngebieten Aragón im engeren Sinne und Katalonien auf einen großen Teil des Mittelmeerraumes ausdehnte.

File:Aragonese Empire.PNG

Die Länder der Krone Aragon
(Die hellblauen Gebiete waren nur kurzzeitig oder
indirekt unter aragonesischer Herrschaft)



During the 15-16th century the Crown's de facto capital was Naples: after Alfonso V of Aragon, also Ferdinand II of Aragon settled the capital in Naples. Alfonso, in particular, wanted to transform Naples into a real Mediterranean capital, lavishing also huge sums to embellish it further. Later the courts were itinerant until Philip II of Spain. The Spanish historian Domingo Buesa Conde has argued that Zaragoza ought to be considered the political capital, but not economic or administrative, due to the obligation of the kings to be crowned at the Seo of Zaragoza.


The crown was made up of the following states (which are nowadays parts of the modern countries of Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, and Andorra):

Name Type of entity Notes
Coat of arms of Andorra.svg Andorra Co-principality Briefly annexed by Aragon in 1396 and again in 1512
Aragon Arms.svg Aragon Kingdom Joined with the County of Barcelona in 1162 to form the Crown
Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Athens (de la Roche family).svg Athens Duchy Inherited through the Kingdom of Sicily in 1381; lost in 1388
Aragon Arms.svg Catalonia County, later Principality Merged with Aragon in 1162 to form the Crown
Blason province fr Gevaudan.svg Gévaudan County Inherited in 1166 by Alfonso II; lost in 1307
Armoiries Majorque.svg Majorca Kingdom Established in 1231 by James I, including Roussillon and Montpellier, as part of the Crown
Bandera de Nápoles - Trastámara.svg Naples Kingdom Successfully wrestled by Alfonso V from Capetian rule in 1442; briefly gained independence, contended again by the French King Louis XIII, then reconquered by Spain in the Italian War of 1499–1504; lost permanently in 1714, after the War of the Spanish Succession
Duchy of Neopatras.png Neopatria Duchy Inherited through the Kingdom of Sicily in 1381; lost in 1390
Aragon Arms.svg Provence County Inherited with the county of Barcelona in 1162
Arms of Sardinia.svg Sardinia Kingdom In 1297 Pope Boniface VIII created ex novo this kingdom and entrusted it in fiefdom to the Aragonese King James II, ignoring already existing, indigenous states; Aragonese conquest of the island did not start until 1324 and was completed only by 1420.The kingdom was lost in 1714.
Aragon-Sicily Arms.svg Sicily Kingdom Ruled as an independent kingdom by relatives or cadet members of the House of Aragon from 1282 to 1409; then added permanently to the Crown, including Malta; lost in 1713
Escut de la Ciutat e Regne de València.svg Valencia Kingdom Established in 1238, as part of the Crown, following the conquest of the Moorish taifa






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